[Amateur] Photography 3

[Amateur] Photography 3

— Dana

Since I started to show [aka my belly looked like it was pregnant], I began my adventure of taking “pregnancy pictures”. I am not a great photographer…but I have had a blast taking these pictures every 2 weeks.

I finally found a perfect spot in my house that has amazing lighting in the afternoon and a blank wall [which is harder to find than one would think…I have windows, doors, artwork, furniture on every single wall in my house].

In the past 9 weeks, I’ve really improved on taking pictures of myself with the timer on my camera. At first, it was really difficult…I would end up with a picture of my arm and the wall or half my face was cut off. Now, I can actually get my whole body in the shot with the first attempt. Overall, I have found that it’s really amazing to see how much I’ve grown when you stop and compare all the pictures side by side.