— Aaron

I don’t order fajitas at restaurants. I will eat them gladly if they are prepared in a home (they are tasty, after all). But I won’t pay for them. The reason: when I order fajitas, the server doesn’t bring me food, the server brings me ingredients. When I go to a restaurant, I am paying not just for the food, but for the atmosphere, the ambiance, the wait staff, chefs/cooks, and busing crew. Also, (and this is different with fajitas) I am paying for the food prep! They are supposed to put my food together! Why don’t they do this with fajitas? They’re not too much different from most other Mexican foods, (though the notable difference is the cooked peppers), but I have to assemble them all myself, even though there is a competent paid cook! This is ridiculous.

(When I do eat home-made fajitas, I gladly put them together myself. But usually, the same would be true of home-made tacos, home-made burritos, or home-made fajitas. This is what you do when you have them at home.)


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