Phone Call

— Dana

After a week long vacation (which I will probably need to blog about later because my trip to Colorado was amazing), Aaron and I received the strangest phone call…I had been home for only an hour when this guy called our house.

He said, “Hello, is this Dana or Aaron?”

“This is Dana…how can I help you?” I replied

“I am responding to the ad you placed in the paper.”

“That’s odd…as far as I know, we did not place an ad in the paper.”

“Well, then can I talk to Aaron?”

…I handed the phone to Aaron without explaining what was going on…so he could be just as confused as I was.  Apparenlty, this guy said that we had placed an ad in the paper looking for a stripper. WHAT? Weird!!! He said that our name, address and phone number were listed in an ad (which we assumed could either be the Spokesman Review or the Inlander) and he was available anytime this week if we wanted to use his stripping services. Aaron declined and we were creeped out the rest of the evening.

It may have been a prank call since that was the only call we received this week…but if it wasn’t, I wish I could find this “ad” that we placed in the paper. Someone would have had to pay for such an ad…and that is just mean, people.