Denver Vacation (Part 1)

β€” Aaron

Now that I’m back from vacation, and had a great time, I’d like to share some of the things that happened. However, I don’t feel like doing a lot of writing at once, so this is the first of a series.

We (My wife, my friends and I) drove to Denver from Spokane, in one shot. THIS IS A LONG DRIVE. 18 hours. The problem with this kind of drive is two-fold, and deals with your basic necessities: food and sleep. The enjoyment of such a drive though, is found it the way you deal with these two issues.


We opted to pack our own food, because stopping for every meal has a few problems: too much $, not efficient for time, and since we’re driving at night, what would be open?

But since we didn’t have a refrigerator in our road-trip vehicle, we couldn’t take enough of the kinds food that we’d normally eat (fruits, vegetables, fresh dairy products, meats). Once we gave up these, it was an easy jump to “let’s just eat junk food.” And this, although it makes us feel like crap later, is AWESOME. There is no other time in my life where it’s completely OK to have meals consisting entirely of beef jerky, jelly beans, crackers and coffee. Or cookies, peanuts, and coffee. Or a hard-boiled egg, corn-nuts, fritos and coffee. Again, awesome food.


Again, we drove 18 hours. Overnight. We got completely hyped up on caffeine, ate snacks, blasted the vents, and sang at the top of our lungs (or maybe from the bowels of our lungs) and made silly observations about how many times we crossed over the Clark Fork river, the strange signs all along the way (“Phosphate”, “Crazy Mountains”, “Anaconda”,”Horse Tooth Reservoir”), and about life in general. We felt like crap when we were done, because no one quite gets enough sleep, with 6 hour driving shifts, 6 hour sleeping shifts, and 6 hour passenger-that-keeps-the-driver-awake shifts. But, we had a great time of it.