[Amateur] Photography 2

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[Amateur] Photography 2

Most of you already know about my “List of things to do before I die”. It’s a list of things that I want to accomplish in my lifetime. One of the items on my list is “Enter something in the fair.” This year, I get to cross that item off…I just entered two of my favorite photos in the Spokane International Fair.

I really enjoyed this process. I had to actually find out the entry deadline (and not miss it again for the 3rd year in a row) and put it on the calendar so I wouldn’t forget. Then, I had to read up on all the “requirements” that I needed to meet in order to enter in the photo competition. I guess I can get disqualified if I miss any of the “requirements”, so I made sure I paid close attention when I was getting my photos ready. I had to get my photos printed (8×10 minimum) and mounted on a 16×20 board. Once all the other little details were finished, I had to drive down to the fairgrounds and fill out some forms before they were officially entered.

Now they are in the hands of the judges until the fair opens September 5-14th to the general public. I hear you can win money if you get a ribbon of some sorts…I don’t really care, though. I’m just excited that I get to cross something off my list this month!!! So, if you go to the Spokane International Fair, look for my entries in the photo section.

Photo Name: “Finally Seeing Eye To Eye”

Photo Name: “Under The Stars”