The Best Mother’s Day Gift

β€” Dana

Okay…I can’t keep it to myself anymore!!! I am spilling the beans…

5.10.08 – 5.11.08: WINE TOUR
We finally made it to the Mother’s Day Wine Tour in Spokane. Aaron and I visited 10 wineries in 2 days!!! It was so much fun…

Aaron made me a mother on Mother’s Day πŸ™‚ ……….

I went to the Dollar Tree to buy some pregnancy tests. I had been getting migraines all week…and I had been really exhausted, too. I was having some extremely painful cramps, so I just figured I was going to start my period any day. Since my periods had been regular for the last 6 months, when I was a week late I decided to take a pregnancy test. The lady at The Dollar Tree said that the tests were extremely accurate…and they go through those more than any other item in their store (because pregnancy tests cost $25 in the grocery store).

After shopping all day, my feet were killing me and I was STARVING!!! So, I stopped at Taco Bell and drove home. Aaron and I ate our lunch and I decided to try the pregnancy test. IT WAS POSITIVE!!! I almost fell over. Aaron was working downstairs, so I told him to come up and see all the things I bought that day. I showed him a few silly little things, and then I was like “Oh, you have to come over here and see this…I think you’ll really like it.” He was a little grumpy from a difficult day at work, but when he saw the 2 little blue lines he had the biggest smile on his face and he started crying!!! I wasn’t expecting him to be that excited…

I was a bit skeptical (come on, it was a Dollar Store test) and I wasn’t sure if it was really a positive result. I went to go see Dr. Rehmann and I had them do a urine test. My doctor and his nurse prayed over my pee (it was sort of funny) and within a few minutes we saw 2 lines. Everyone in the clinic cheered and gave me a big hug (a bunch of people in the office knew I had been trying to get pregnant for a year and a half).

To be continued….