Random Thoughts For Today

ā€” Dana

1. Sears, Costco, and Bed, Bath and Beyond have THE best return policies!!!

2. My wrist hurts. I can’t figure out what I did.

3. The older I get, the less I can tolerate being in the same room as people that are high and/or drunk.

4. I love how my friends are fun and can carry an intelligent conversation without using swear words.

5. After the Lagome Party, I feel like I have too many things in my house still. I wish I could just get rid of everything as start over. http://lagomeparty.googlepages.com/

6. My thought…every single time I’m at the gas station these days…$4.00 a gallon, people!!!

7. I need to finish crocheting Jameus’ socks…

8. My poor puppy is getting his balls chopped off today…and then it is off to dog training class as soon as he feels better.

9. My sister is getting married in 18 days…I want to think I’m not stressed out…but I still need to do a lot of things before June 20th!!!

10. I hate my health insurance.

11. I am reading a great book right now…but I can only read a chapter a day (because it’s so convicting).

12. This month, I have been trying really hard to be on time. I read somewhere that when you’re on time, people think you’re more reliable. When you’re late, they start to question if you are capable of handling important tasks because you are not reliable to even show up on time. I want to be faithful in the little things, so that people can rely on me for the bigger, important things.

13. I am addicted to water bottles, office supplies and journals…of all shapes and sizes.

14. My life is in complete chaos right now. Everything seems to be changing the past month. I just trust that God is in control, and one of these days things will settle down again.

15. I am excited for my massage with Tia next week.

16. I love my husband…and I don’t know what I am going to do while he is gone for a week (at the end of the month). We have only spent 10 days apart in the last 6 years…I am going to miss him. At least he gets to be home for our anniversary!!! (He leaves the next day, though.)

17. I need to finish my business cards.