— Aaron

I met a self-described Foodie the other day. I know some other folks who I might describe as Foodies too. (For those wanting a rough definition: a foodie is someone who somewhat passionately makes and appreciates fine food.)

I’ve come to the conclusion that I probably won’t ever be a foodie. To be clear, I have no problem with Foodies.

But I just can’t get spoiled to the point where I don’t appreciate nice food. Give me the world’s tastiest, most wonderful peppermint tea, and I can have a second cup of the cheapest, stalest peppermint (or really some bland leaf with artificial peppermint flavoring) tea, and I’ll like it pretty much the same. Give me a piece gourmet, smoked pork roast, and I’ll probably enjoy it just as much as a slice of cheap ham.

Now, some of you may be thinking, “No, that can’t be. You’ve got to enjoy the good one more.” Nope. I may appreciate the distinction, and I understand the dissimilarities, but as long as I like it, fancy/everyday, overprocessed/fresh, cooked with a demi-glaze/covered in ketchup makes no real difference.

Would you (or someone you know) call yourself a Foodie? Why?


3 thoughts on “Foodies

  1. Am I a foodie???… Maybe you can tell me.
    While I enjoy almost anything that is edible, I also appreciate and recognize the difference between good and great foods. My problem is that I can taste the difference in quality tea versus stale tea or even the differences in coffee from different regions. It’s not so much what the food is to me but the differences in flavor. Different foods have different flavors and textures. These things intrigue me. It’s why I like just about everything from sushi to chunio (a Bolivian dish of ‘aged’ potatoes often frozen and then boiled). It’s why I’ve eaten guinea pig and taranchula but also appreciate fillet mignon and a properly prepared brat.
    So, am I a foodie or just a taste junkie? I’m not sure but let me know where you would class me!

  2. I am not a foodie. You would know that by looking at the scale when I stand on it. I wish I was more selective with my food choices. I don’t even eat to survive. I like the taste of food, but I am not picky…I will eat anything!!! I do, however, have a problem with spending lots of money on food that is good when I can eat good tasting food that is cheaper.

  3. YOU are Hilarious! My most favorite conversation with you was when I asked you what was your favorite kind of pie…Aaron answers, “hot or cold!”

    Love you!

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