God’s Silence

— Dana

I have been going through a workbook called “Experiencing God”…and it seems like when I go through each chapter, it has been perfect timing in my heart and life. I read this little section today, and I just had to sit back and meditate on it. God was speaking to my heart and I couldn’t stop thinking about it…


One morning I was reading the story of the death of Lazarus (John 11:1-45). Let me go through the sequence of what happened as I read. John reported that Jesus loved Lazarus, Mary and Martha. Having received word that Lazarus was sick unto death, Jesus delayed going until Lazarus died. In other words, Mary and Martha asked Jesus to come help their brother, and there was silence. All the way through the final sickness and death of Lazarus, Jesus did not respond. They received no response from the One who said He loved Lazarus. Jesus even said He loved Mary and Martha. YET, there was still no response. Lazarus died. They went through the entire funeral process. They fixed his body, put him in the grave, and covered it with a stone. Still they experienced silence from God. They Jesus said to His disciples, “Let’s go.” When Jesus arrived, Lazarus had been dead for four days. Martha said to Jesus, “Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died” (v. 32).

Then the Spirit of God began to help me understand something. It seemed to me as if Jesus had said to Mary and Martha: “You are exactly right. If I had come, your brother would not have died. You know that I could have healed him, because you have seen me heal many, many times. If I had come when you asked me to, I would have healed him. But, you would have never known any more about Me than you already know. I knew that you were ready for a greater revelation of Me than you have ever known in your life. My refusal and My silence were not rejection. It was an opportunity for Me to disclose to you more of Me than you have ever known.”

When that began to dawn on me, I almost jumped straight out of my chair. I said, “That’s what’s happening in my life! The silence of God means that He is ready to bring into my life a greater revelation of Himself than I have ever known.” I immediately changed the whole attitude of my life toward God. With great anticipation, I began to watch for what God was going to teach me about Himself. I then had some things happen in my life that I might never have responded to without that kind of readiness and anticipation.