— Aaron

So, since this blog is (marginally) about me, I figured I’d actually write a post about what’s going on in my life.

My former boss, Scotte put in his notice because he found an opportunity he couldn’t pass up. Very cool for his sake, and I wish him nothing but the best his new job. We (Scotte, Kristi and I) were working out of Scotte’s remodeled garage-office. The company was actually renting it from Scotte, too.

This week my current boss, Randy came to town (he lives and works in the sprawling metropolis of Versailles, Kentucky), to talk with Kristi and I and to help us figure out what to do. It was really good to see him, and to feel supported like that.

Since a rental relationship with a former employee just felt weird, we are moving out of Scotte’s place. For the time being, Kristi and I are going to both work from our respective homes.

So… all that leads to the news that we are finishing a quarter of our basement! Mostly in one day!