Things To Do Before I Die

— Dana

Things To Do Somewhere Else
See the Grand Canyon
Visit the Holy Land
Visit the Pyramids of Egypt
Go on a cruise to Alaska
Travel to Cuba
Go on a mission trip
Spend a week in a third world country

See Stonehenge
Visit Paris
Travel to all 7 continents
Go to every state in the US
Live abroad
Go on a road trip
Swim with dolphins
Experience weightlessness
Ride in a hot-air balloon
Go up in the “Spokane Has Beef” hot-air balloon with Sarah
Go skydiving
Go bungee-jumping
Go hang gliding
See an active volcano
Go snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef
Climb Mt. Everest
See the Eiffel Tower
Smoke a cigar
Buy a Cuban cigar in Cuba

Catch fireflies
Watch the Northern Lights in Alaska
Attend a live, professional sporting event
Get a picture holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa
Sleep under the stars
Sit at a stranger’s table and have a drink or meal with them
Drive on the Golden Gate Bridge

Walk the Golden Gate Bridge
Drive along the entire Pacific Coast in the US
Go Parasailing
Visit Disneyland as an adult

Visit Disney World
Body surf in Maui
Go scuba diving
Go snorkeling off a tropical island
Drive the Autobahn
Climb to the top of the Statue of Liberty
Visit the Edmonton Mall
Ride a cable car in San Francisco
Go to the top of the Space Needle
Go to the top of the Sears Tower
Go to the top of the Empire State Building
Visit the Liberty Bell
Ride on an elephant
Watch the start or finish of the Iditarod
Fly first class
Cross the International Date Line
Legally drive a car on the left side of the road
Travel to another city in the US via the train
Ride on a train in Europe
Win $1000 in Las Vegas
Ride on a Zip-line
Ride on the subway
Go to a Six-flags resort
Go white-water rafting
Go on a back-packing trip
Stay at a hostel
Stay in a yurt
Stay in Leavenworth
Visit ancient ruins in Rome
Visit the ruins in Mexico
Visit the ruins in Egypt
Visit the ruins in Greece
Ride a boat in the Venice canals
Ride a camel
Play chess in Central Park
Explore caves
See a wild kangaroo
Stay at a bed and breakfast
Build a sand castleWatch an entire sunset
Watch an entire sunrise

Ride in a submarine
Ride in a tank
Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Times Square, NY
Visit a castle
Go whale watching

Personal Accomplishments (Could Be Done With Others)
Sit on a jury
Ask for a raise

Write something on my list, just to cross it off
Memorize 100 Scripture verses from the Bible
Become Debt Free
Earn, save and invest enough money to retire comfortably by age 60
Donate Blood
Donate Plasma
Feed a homeless person
Drive a Zambonie
Adopt a child
Fall deeply in love — helplessly and unconditionally
Be someone’s mentor

Find a four leaf clover
Enter something in the fair
Buy everyone in the pub a drink
Have my gallbladder removed
Buy a Vespa with a side car
Own my own home
Have a Mortgage Burning Party
Take a candlelit bath with my husband
Hug a tree
Change a baby’s diaper
Have two hard drives in my computer

Finish my Family Tree
Change my name before I get married
Get Married

Win first prize in a costume contest
Bury one/both of my parents before I die
Learn about the Seven Deadly Sins
Have major surgery
Change someone’s mind on something I care deeply about

Get someone fired for their bad actions at work
Apologize to someone years after inflicting the hurt
Die my hair

Save a life
Learn to fly
Read all 7 Harry Potter books
Learn how to deal with my “funks”
FINISH my list of “Things to do before I die”
Own a dog
Teach my dog cool tricks

Get a Master’s Degree
Invent something useful and patent it
Meet Bill Nye the Science Guy
Ride in a horse-drawn carriage
Understand the stock market
Learn to ride a unicycle
Fly in a helicopter
Solve a Rubik’s cube
Get my name in the newspaper
Ride on a motorcycle
Ride on a jet-ski

Get a broken bone
Shave my cat’s hair like a lion
Get a bullseye playing darts in a bar
Shoot a gun and hit my target
Shoot an arrow and him my target
Catch a fish
Read the entire Bible

Pick up hitch-hikers
Get a college degree
Make a bonfire

Win an eating contest
Go to a nude beach
Go skinny dipping
Get a job
Quit a job
Work from home

Learn to drive a stick-shift
Earn a cool nickname
Get someone to believe in Jesus
Go on a field trip as an adult

Get something named after me
Celebrate Kwanzaa with someone
Win some form of the lottery
Tip a cow
Change a flat tire
Stay awake for 24 hours straight
Get tiny braids in my hair
Get dreadlocks
Be hypnotized by a professional hypnotist
Earn a trophy
Send a message in a bottle

Adopt a cat or dog from an animal shelter
Write a will
Complete a video game
Lie in bed all day
Host a murder mystery dinner
Join a wine club
Complete a first aid course

Finish a hard Sudoku puzzle
Find clothes that I would never wear out in public…wear them in public

See Dave Matthews at Red Rocks in Colorado
Have my portrait painted or drawn

Have my art in a gallery
Sell my artwork to someone who doesn’t know me
Finish writing a book that I can be proud of (whether or not it gets published)
Get Published
Create a playlist of songs that changed my life
Be an extra in a film
Get a tattoo
Get a piercing

Learn to speak a foreign language fluently
Organize classes for other people to learn something new
Be an audience member for a TV show
Make a mosaic
Learn to play the harp
Grow and eat my own vegetables
See Dave Matthews Band live
Create my own website

Get it on to “Let’s Get It On” by Marvin Gaye
Go to a drive-in theater
Selected one “important” book that I missed in school and finally read it
Build a model airplane
See a famous comedian perform live
Visit a museum
Watch a piano recital
Watch a play/opera

Attend a movie premiere
Create my own font and sell it
Get a bobblehead made in my image (it’s not an idol…I promise)
Knit something (other than a scarf)
Learn to Crochet
Learn how to make Aaron socks…and then make him a pair

Finish my scrapbooks
Learn to sew well

Brew my own beer
Make root beer from scratch
Drink beer at Oktoberfest in Leavenworth
Eat a Krispy Kreme Donut right off the conveyor belt
Eat at the In-N-Out Burger

Eat fried green tomatoes
Milk a cow and drink the milk immediately
Make homemade ice cream
Try cooked shark
Try cooked crocodile
Try eating caviar
Fast for 24 hours

Eat Pie on March 14th (“Pi Day” 3-14)
Go to 7-11 and have a slurpee on July 11th (“Slurpee Day” 7-11)
Try eating only vegan food for a month
Drink fountain pop straight from the tap
Eat sushi

Physical Activity/Sports
Learn how to ballroom dance properly
Wrestle at a high school assembly (must wear cheerleading uniform)
Make Love in a public place

Run a marathon
Ride my bike from Seattle to Portland
Ride my bike across the US
Give Birth
Learn how to play golf
Learn how to play golf well
Shoot par on 18 holes
Try 18 holes of Frisbee Golf
Jump off a bridge
Do the splits

Bench-press my own weight
Water ski
Snow ski
Join a Bowling League
Bowl a perfect game (300)
Ride on a horse
Learn to fence
Lose 40 lbs
Successfully throw a boomerang
Pick up a 7-10 split while bowling
Try playing ice-hockey
Join a yoga class
Ride my bike to work for a week

Join a crew team