Reno Snow Globe

— Aaron

This is a snow globe from Reno, Nevada. But wait, there’s more! It’s also a calendar-dealy-thing… that you have to set your self? Also, I think there may not even be snow in the globe, just water. I got this snow globe when I was being a band-geek in high school, going to a jazz festival in Reno.


One thought on “Reno Snow Globe

  1. Hi Aaron! It’s Abby…remember me? Well, I remember all those fun “band geek” trips! Can’t remember what souvenir I got on the Reno trip though… I saw your blog on a forwarded forward from Colleen, from Dana, if that makes any sense? Anyway, it was fun to look at yours and Dana’s blogs to see what you’ve been up to. Disneyland? I’m jealous! Here’s my blog if you’d like to drop in: I’m sure I’ll see you at the reunion! Have a great day!

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