Cause And Effect

— Dana

Cause: I get home after hanging out with my mom and sister…and the dog is hungry.
Effect: I feed the dog outside.

Cause: The dog wants to eat the cardboard box on the porch…instead of his dog food.
Effect: I, sort of irritated, get up so I can stop him from making a mess.

Cause: Closed the door behind me…while I was a bit irritated.
Effect: Accidentally locked the door on the way out.

Cause: Locked outside…in the cold…without a jacket or keys…while it’s snowing.
Effect: Swear words.

Cause: I’m still outside…in the cold…without a jacket or keys…while it’s snowing…20 mins later.
Effect: I remember that I left the office window unlocked.

Cause: Screen blocking the unlocked window.
Effect: Broken screen now.

Cause: I am holding a broken screen.
Effect: Swear words.

Cause: Now that the pesky screen is off…
Effect: I can open the window…success!!!

Cause: Jump in through the window.
Effect: Mess in the laundry room. (I guess it scared the cat and he knocked a bunch of cat food off the washer and on to the floor.)

Cause: Noise from the cat food bowl falling on the ground.
Effect: I hit my knee on something (really hard) due to the noise that the cat made…it scared me okay.

Cause: Pain from my knee.
Effect: More swearing.

Cause: Swearing.
Effect: Prayer for forgiveness…I never realized how much I could swear in such a short time…I rarely swear!!! Where is my heart these days? Obviously not to the Lord first for patience…

Cause: Prayer.
Effect: Thankful for the dog that was outside and the cat that was inside. Thankful that I have a house that I can get locked out of and have to clean after a little mess. Thankful for a computer and a chair where I can sit at while I give my knee a break while I write this blog.