Santo Domingo Snow Globe

— Aaron

So this “snow globe *” is from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (which I did visit). I believe it says on the front “Republica Dominica,” which is just a crazy way of saying Dominican Republic. Now the interesting thing about this is that it had liquid in it – two kinds, in fact. It had this heavier, blue liquid and a clear-ish, lighter liquid. And the duckies would float on the blue liquid, within the clear-ish liquid.

But then, it started leaking. More the clear than the blue, but both leaked out. And it smelled strongly of gasoline or some other strong petroleum product.

* I realize this neither has nor had any real or fake snow, and is not in, by any means, a shape which could even be loosely described as a globe. So I guess this is sort of stretching the definition of a “snow globe,” but it’s about the same size as one, and had little plastic things floating in some mysterious liquid – so it is/was a lot like a snow globe.