— Aaron

So this site is pretty funny. I got a kick out of it. Here’s my favorite 60 from entering “aaron”:

  1. aaron is going to talk about reactivity and resistance
  2. aaron is up to/news
  3. aaron is joel’s imaginary friend
  4. aaron is unbelievably cruel to black olives
  5. aaron is heading off to hpu
  6. aaron is graduated to high school
  7. aaron is finally here
  8. aaron is one of canada
  9. aaron is not your ordinary screensaver
  10. aaron is correct i am also looking for a good fish
  11. aaron is correct i was actually looking at a 2x telephoto lens
  12. aaron is messing things up for himself
  13. aaron is also going on another tour this summer to promote his new album
  14. aaron is editor of the chicago jewish news
  15. aaron is very psyched about bear valley bouldering
  16. aaron is currently one of the most popular shareware programs
  17. aaron is a normal adolescent who collects baseball cards and fights with his twin sister angel to see who gets the shower first
  18. aaron is simply the most underrated player in cooperstown
  19. aaron is the best ball player of my era
  20. aaron is creative with a small “c” but not creative with a big “c”
  21. aaron is not only original ancestor and type of the priests as distinguished from the levites
  22. aaron is likely to have tantrums
  23. aaron is an autonomous generator of drawings
  24. aaron is located on the left side of green street approx 1/2 mile
  25. aaron is a fourth grade who is a very good athlete and does extremely well when it comes to relating to other children and adults
  26. aaron is born in mobile
  27. aaron is a former writer for the internet?s premier wrestling website
  28. aaron is a visiting assistant professor at the university of cincinnati college of law
  29. aaron is charged with one count of distribution of cocaine
  30. aaron is cutting the rabbet in the keel in preparation to lay the first plank or garboard
  31. aaron is confirmed to participate in the 7th annual mark collie celebrity race for diabetes cure
  32. aaron is the lasts of the carter clan
  33. aaron is truly a hooker with a heart of gold
  34. aaron is my silent wonder
  35. aaron is full of bull
  36. aaron is here/not here
  37. aaron ‘s primary focus is on downloading linux > well the stone is not so big
  38. aaron is making is not art
  39. aaron is available from amazon
  40. aaron is at once an aged poet at home and struggling with his subject and yet also a young
  41. aaron is the typesetting engine produced by the mat team to print concordances and related products
  42. aaron is a german shepherd police service dog whose work is dedicated to fighting crime and helping people
  43. aaron is drawn to the fierce beauty and freedom of the wolves
  44. aaron is petrified; horrified
  45. aaron is a graduate of syracuse university in syracuse
  46. aaron is now one of us
  47. aaron is going to kill me
  48. aaron is latest pop idol reject
  49. aaron is talk of the toon
  50. aaron is a host at mtv’s say what
  51. aaron is responsible for maintaining a website for one of innovative web services’ clients
  52. aaron is and does
  53. aaron is bringing some stuff to the ‘fest
  54. aaron is a former fortune 50 pharmaceutical sales consultant with cardinal health
  55. aaron is featured on the august 2002 issue of korea’s entertainment magazine gmv
  56. aaron is trying to jump onto the bandwagon of remaking old hits
  57. aaron is waiting until after wwdc
  58. aaron is showcased each month
  59. aaron is best known for his abiliities to maneuver his bike over any obstacle
  60. aaron is not only a teen idol with several albums under his belt

One thought on “Googlism

  1. That is hilarious!!! Here are a few of my favorites…who knew you were a german shepherd and a hooker who was an imaginary friend and a screensaver. I knew I found an amazing husband!!!

    “aaron is a german shepherd police service dog whose work is dedicated to fighting crime and helping people.”
    …you are a dog?

    “aaron is truly a hooker with a heart of gold.”
    …I did know you were a hooker!!!

    “aaron is likely to have tantrums.”
    …isn’t that the truth!!!

    “aaron is not your ordinary screensaver.”
    …who isn’t?

    “aaron is joel’s imaginary friend.’
    …are you my imaginary husband? If so, I am very confused now!!!

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