Fair Tax Plan

— Aaron

So… I heard one of the presidential candidates is pushing a “Fair Tax plan”. I gotta say, I’m for it. While they’re at it, they should tax Carnivals, Circuses (Circi?), and Festivals, too. Those ring toss guys, and the baseball-throw-knock-the-bottles-down guys: they’re making way too much. This would be an incentive for them to cheat fewer people, and make these things about what people really want more of: tasty fried fair food, animals you don’t see every day, and folks doing dangerous things for my amusement.


One thought on “Fair Tax Plan

  1. Those stupid carnies… Give me Elephant Ears!

    I like the idea of having a higher sales tax and getting rid of income tax altogether. That really would be fair tax because people who make more money spend more and therefore would pay more taxes. Thats beside the whole social security tax that I’m paying that I will probably not even see…

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