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So, I just watched the movie Sicko. It basically makes the argument that universal health care is a good idea. It works for Canada, Great Britain, France, and Cuba (and many European countries). Oh and their citizens on average, live longer than Americans. Great Britain considers it, rather than a socialist phenomenon, just part of the way people are supposed to take care of each other in a civilized democracy, like fire departments and public schools.

I am wary of being completely swayed by any one movie or book, or one other person’s opinion. But this put up a pretty good defense. I’m interested to see what the cons to this system would be.

I know the biggest resistance to change towards this system would be from politicians who have their pockets routinely lined by drug company and health insurance lobbyists.

It bothers me when my elected representatives have no interest in my welfare on any issue, because they are too busy getting paid off. But what probably bothers me more is my own apathy (and every one else’s, to a certain extant). Because even if I’m mad about it, what am I going to do about it? I can’t pay a lobbyist to represent me. I can protest, but what does a one man protest do? I can write letters to my representatives, but again, what sway am I going to have over them without a big fat check to sway them?

I guess part of the problem is that, functionally, I live in an aristocracy, not a democracy. An aristocracy is ran by the rich/privileged few. A democracy is run by all. I (perhaps falsely) believe I have no real say in my government. I think most Americans feel that way. We feel like we have no say whatsoever, and that only fuels our apathy all the more. It’s a vicious circle.

So, what to do? I don’t know. But unless lots of us are doing it, it seems like it won’t have a big effect. I don’t want to be a rebel, but I do think some things aren’t working, and people are hurt as a result. What do you think about universal health care? What do you think about governmental change in general? What do you think about protesting? Lobbying?


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  1. You bring up a good point. I personally have not done enough research on universal health care, although I know that there are major flaws in the systems currently being used, particularly in the higher risk conditions like cancer. They put you on a waiting list that is based on the sevarity of the condition and if your cancer or what-not is curable you get lower on the list because you are not a priority. Then, by the time you get around to seeing someone, it’s incurable. For everything else, I can’t speak, I just know people who have come from those countries with universal health care who have told me about this. I personally think that we should leave it at the state level as it already is, maybe just making adjustments to the plans. We had Kimberly on state medical and didn’t pay a dime. I don’t know if every state has the same medical as Washington, but that is again, something that I think should stay at a state level.

    As far as not feeling like you have much of a say, that it totally understandable. I think that as voters, we all feel that way a lot. The truth is if we didn’t vote then there would be no opposition at all to the government. It’s when voters stop voting that the government is allowed to take more control over the laws. It’s our ability to impeach that keeps us in control as well. If we didn’t vote, then none of this could be done.

    As for protesting and lobbying… I am for protesting, and even for lobbying, as long as the lobbying is done by a group of citizens, and not a corporation. Citizens are who runs this country and are concerned about their well being. Corporations run their business and are worried about profits.

    To sum it up, we as people should be more willing to stand up and demand change in our government if we so desire, and if nothing happens we impeach those who are not acting based on our wishes. It’s this system that makes us a free country. When we stop wielding the power that we currently have, thats when we give up those rights. Its a sad thing when the majority are so wiling to give up those rights because it’s convenient. I don’t ever want to be one of those people.

  2. I think the thing that hit me the hardest in that movie (Sicko) was that the Cubans treated the Americans. I went to Cuba. I have seen, first hand, how they are living. It is not extravagant and lush living conditions, but they are taken care of. What BLEW MY MIND was that they cared for those Americans…free of charge and without even a second thought. They had a need…and the Cuban doctors cared for the Americans better than they have ever been cared for.

    Makes me want to move to Cuba.

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