Get Rich Quick

— Aaron

There’s no such thing as a sure-fire plan to getting rich quick. Moreover, for the Christian, there should be no need for one.

Why be rich? For the person who claims to follow Jesus, who was homeless, poor, and generally without any possessions at all, there needs to be some serious thinking about their motive to gain any riches. Also, for the person who makes that same claim and has riches (because having wealth doesn’t disqualify you for Heaven) needs to do some very serious thinking about what they are doing with it.

I bring up this topic mostly because I grew up around adults who wanted to get rich quick and retire, teenagers who wanted to get rich quick and never work in the first place, and I still am acquainted with people who seem to want to get rich quick and just coast.

Why do people want money? Security, power, and luxury. There are other reasons, too, but those are the big reasons.

Jesus is our real security, right? And also, we all leave this world, whenever God says so, and however he wants us to.

Any worldly power is only to force our will on someone else, isn’t it?

This will sound a bit puritanical of me, but the person who spoils themselves with material luxuries squanders, wastes and foolishly spends that money. Now… the problem with this philosophy is that it’s good to give other people things (not necessarily to spoil them). But some of the people you give stuff to? They live in your house and you end up sharing it…

I’ve rambled on quite a bit here, but really, it all boils down to motive. Everything. Every decision you can make boils down to why you’re doing what you’re doing.


3 thoughts on “Get Rich Quick

  1. I agree with you to some degree. There is always the question of motive, and we should all be givers just as Jesus was. However God also said that He wanted to give to us so that our stores are overflowing. It’s what we do with that overflowing that makes us wealthy or not.

    Also, Jesus said that thing about how hard it is for a rich person to enter heaven.

    In the end I think that the whole point is that we should put God above our possessions no matter what those possessions are. That will make us truly wealthy.

  2. I agree rich, but when God said that He wanted to give to us so that our stores are overflowing, was He speaking only of material goods?

    I don’t think so… Not that material blessings from God aren’t wonderful – they are.

    But aren’t there other blessings that He gives abundantly to overflowing? Like spiritual gifts, the gifts of knowledge, service, understanding, compassion, love, faith, hope, joy, peace and eternal (not temporal) security?

    I think those gifts are “easier” to overflow to others, too. When He gives me material blessings, my first instinct is to hoard it. When He gives me the gift of mercy, how can I NOT let that overflow to others?

  3. Absolutely! I think that real wealth is God’s grace and love and the blessings that He gives, material or not. In my opinion, real wealth is true happiness, and that can only be achieved through the grace and love of God. What I meant by what we do with the material things that God gives us was whether or not we use that for His glory, and to help others. Not at all for ourselves because that will make us, like you said, want to hoard all our blessings. I don’t think that that is the heart that God wants us to have.

    Note: I agree with everything that you have said. 🙂

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