— Aaron

The word “discrimination” gets a bad rap these days. For instance, people would say that “Discrimination in employment” is a bad thing. But that all depends on what criteria you’re discriminating on.

If it’s level of education, that is just fine. A company can discriminate against those who don’t, say, have a bachelor’s degree when that company deems it necessary for an applicant to have a bachelor’s degree. A company can discriminate against those who have a doctorate because they’re overqualified for a position. They can also discriminate against the incompetent, the badly referred, the unqualified, the overqualified, the uneducated, the overeducated, the annoying, the disloyal, the angry and the unintelligent. These are all legal, and in my opinion, right ways to discriminate when hiring. They are also done all the time.

Folks would say that “discrimination in housing” is a bad thing. But someone selling a house or lending money to someone for a house, should (and often do) discriminate against those who don’t have enough money to buy a house.

“Discrimination” has somehow now become a synonym for “unfair discrimination”. It’s like the word “smells”. If you say something smells, then you mean it smells bad. Only if you say it smells good do you mean something different. The same is true for discrimination: we mean “unfair discrimination” or “discrimination on irrelevant criteria” when we say “discrimination”. But the difference between “smells” and “discrimination” is that people seem to have forgotten that there is such a thing as fair discrimination or discrimination on proper criteria.


One thought on “Discrimination

  1. Great point! Another big problem that you hit on here is that people think that the world has to be fair when it comes to things. Like we are all owed something. The fact of the matter is that the world doesn’t owe us anything, and if we want something in life we have to do the work to get it. Discrimination can be a very good thing when practiced properly and ethically, as you have stated. Keep up the good work my man!


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