Grey or Gray?

— Dana

Apparently, there’s little information to be found on the proper spelling of the color that’s between black and white…I’m talking about the color grey (or is it gray???).

The spelling of this color has been plaguing my mind the past few months…I usually come across this word when describing airplane parts at work. Do I use the A or the E???

I did a Google search today to see if I could find anything. This is the only explanation I could find: “Grey became the established British spelling in the 20th century, and is but a minor variant in American English, according to dictionaries. Canadians tend to prefer grey. Some American writers tend to assign wistful, positive connotations to grey, as in “a grey fog hung over the skyline”, whereas gray often carries connotations of drabness, “a gray, gloomy day.”

Uhhhh…not helpful.

Is it up to me to pick one or the other…depending how I feel that day??? I’m an all or nothing person. Black or White. There’s no grey area in spelling. I want answers people. (See, in that last sentence I had to just pick one…I want to know what’s proper…not what I feel like typing.)

I’m going to pick one spelling right now. For the rest of my life, it’s going to be G-R-E-Y (just in case you were wondering). I think I can move on with my life now…