— Dana

I love Spring. It’s my favorite season.

It’s that time of year when the trees start to bloom and the sun is up before I’m awake.

People are out and about…making plans…doing things.

It’s also that time of year when scheduling get-to-gethers is nearly impossible…because everyone’s calendars begin to fill with weddings, receptions, barbecues, Yard Sales, Bake Sales, birthday parties, vacations…life.

Scheduling my life around other people’s schedule is trying at times.

I have this desire to hang out with people…but whenever I’m free…they are not. Whenever I plan something…no one can come. I guess it will just be me…all by myself this spring…and everyone else will be busy.

How about I just do this. I will plan my life, doing things that I want to do…and if I come, then I will have a great time. It’s really a “no-fail” plan. I plan it. I love the plan. I show up. I am happy. If others want to join me…fine. The more the merrier!!!

I think the problem with my planning is this: I have expectations. I expect people to LOVE my plan. I expect them to show up when I tell them to. I expect them to stay during the appropriate times and do the appropriate things when I tell them to do it. I basically expect my plan to be perfect. Why do I have this desire? If things don’t go according to plan, then my feelings get hurt.

I wonder, on a small scale, if this is how God feels.

So, He has this plan. He probably expects people to love the plan. The difference between me and God is that He doesn’t want little puppets that He orchestrates around to follow His plan. He gave us freewill to choose His plan or not. I am sure His feelings get hurt when we reject His plan, but the choice is still ours.

WHY THEN DO MY FEELINGS GET HURT? If I am suppose to imitate Christ, I should make plans and then let people have freewill to chose my plan or not. I wish I could just get over myself.

I think I am going to enjoy Spring more…plan less…play more.