— Aaron

We live in a culture where people want to be not at fault for anything, and yet are more power-hungry than ever.

Didn’t Spiderman teach us anything? “With great power, comes great responsibility.” People are always trying to climb to the top of the corporate ladder, gain some fame, get rich quick, get voted into office. Position, fame, money and influence are all things that can get you what you want, and that is another definition of power.

If I have power, I can get things my way. I can change things so they are how I like them, or I can keep things the way they are (because I like them now). I can get people to do things for me, or not do things. Notice how this all is about me.

But for the rest of history, what came back around to bite people in the butt, is that power makes you responsible for other things. If you conquered another country, you were then responsible for making things better there, so the citizens wouldn’t revolt. If you made a great sum of money, you were responsible for using it wisely, so that your children would inherit well.

Now, however, it seems like our collective consciences have been numbed. And numbed to the point that we deny any appearance of responsibility that comes with our power. What do we do, when we’ve gotten there? I don’t know.