— Aaron

The problem with temptation is that it’s tempting. I know that sounds redundant, but it really is the heart of the matter. If I didn’t ever want to do the things I shouldn’t, then I might not do them (I probably still would, but hopefully less often). But I kind of want to do those things. If I didn’t, then they wouldn’t be tempting.

It makes me want God to change me all the more. I know I still wouldn’t be perfect, if I didn’t want to sin. I’d still sin. But at least my mind/heart/emotions/will would no longer be contemplating committing the sin. Then, perhaps, I’d only sin accidentally, and when I wasn’t thinking about it.

Not to say that one sin is any better than the other. Premeditated sin is just as much sin as spur-of-the-moment sin. But I’d certainly rather have my mind dwelling on that which is good, my will set on that which is right, and my heart set on God’s wishes for me, not on sin.

Lord, change my sinful heart.