Arranged Marriages

ā€” Dana

On December 17…Brady and Courtney had their first baby, Kelvin Theodore McGarry. He has dimples…tiny hands…and a beautiful face.

Since the McGarrys and the Hutchens first got pregnant, we all decided their babies would either be the same gender and become best friends…or be opposite genders and get married to each other. I was thinking about arranged marriages today (after we went and saw the new addition to “our village”) and I’m certain that I need to raise my children with this idea in mind…arranged marriages are the way to go!!!

Many people in the United States have grown up with the concept of “romantic love”. However, there are other parts of the world where the concept of arranged marriages is the norm. These marriages result in lasting and satisfying relationships between husband and wife. Since, the family plays a big role to arrange the marriage, they also play a big role to make it a success.

So, if I can just talk my children into arranged marriages…I will have it made!!!