The Stadium Pal

— Dana

Today, I was reviewing a product for work that they’re currently distributing. It’s called “The Stadium Pal”. Below is a description of the product and a few reviews. I think it’s pretty hilarious…

Do you love wetting yourself in public, but hate the hassle of getting arrested and shunned? Then this product is for you. It’s basically a bag with a long tube attached to it. You strap the bag to your leg, and you wrap the tube against your pee-pee and then when you go to the bathroom, it all goes into the bag.

1.] Thanks for sending the Stadium Pal in such a timely manner. I used my new Pal when I was out on Shasta Lake fishing and after having a couple of sodas, or in my case a couple of cans of my favorite adult beverage, it really came in handy. Had two friends fishing with me yesterday and they just couldn’t understand how I could go so long without relieving myself. Little did they know that while they were standing on the swim platform, hoping not to fall in the water, I was simply smiling and letting nature take her course. My new pal works like a dream and its nice not having to fumble with ice cold fingers and going the traditional way. I guess I will have to tell my friends about my new pal after I go out fishing with them again.

Love your product –

2.] Just wanted to tell you thank you for offering a product that is capable of so many wonderful things. My name is Steven and I am a driver for United Parcel Service in Michigan. Having an occupation that requires speed and always on the run, can cause problem with having to pause to use the restroom. There has actually been a couple drivers from my center who have lost their jobs for urinating in bottles in their truck! Now that I have my stadium pal there is no more delay or inconvenience for constantly stopping to use the bathroom. It was a little unusual getting used to, but now I find myself urinating right during delivering packages or conversating with people. What people don’t know won’t bother them!!!!!!! I am always on time and no more bathroom worry. Thank you Stadium Pal………


3.] Thank you for a wonderful product. I used the Stadium Pal on my last motorcycle ride, a weekend trip around the state visiting family. After 80 miles of riding, I was over come with the need to pee but I did not need to stop for fuel or anything else. So, I pee’ed for what seemed like 5 or 6 miles. I felt so much better and could continue the trip as refreshed as mile one. Everything was so comfortable and easy to wear. I wore the Stadium Pal all day saturday and sunday and no one could tell I was wearing it. Draining the collection bag was actually cleaner and more convenient than relieving myself the other way.

Thank You,
Dan M.

4.] I got the Stadium Pal because I have an enlarged prostate. I have some days when I have to go to the bathroom every 30 minutes or less. This is especially difficult if one of those days happens to be a travel day. Once I drove from Greenville, SC, to Montgomery, AL, a distance of 300 miles that normally takes 4.5 – 5 hrs. I had to pull over every 30 minutes to an hour and it took nearly 6 hrs. So before my next trip, I ordered the Stadium Pal. I wore it with no fear of being in a place where I couldn’t use the bathroom. Just yesterday, I wore it for an airline trip from Phoenix to Montgomery. 10+ hours. Emptied the bag in the DFW airport. The comfort from not having to “hold it” resulted in less irritation to the prostate, and today, normally the tough “day after travel” was no problem. I’m going to tell my urologist to recommend Stadium Pal to his other patients!

Bob, SC

5.] With the trial time over, I left to go to the beach. The pier I fish on is 1200 feet long and I like to fish from the end. I take 2 or 3 rods and a cooler of beer and fish into the wee hours – all night if the right fish are biting. Before going onto the pier, I attached the abbreviated system making certain the catheter was attached very firmly to the hose. I used the straps from the bag to guide the line down my leg. I had attached some Velcro to the sole of my shoe for the hose to slip through. As you can see, I took this very seriously because I’ve often barely made it from the end to the pier house only to find a line at the rest room – there is no other place to go without risking arrest. Anyway, after about an hour and 4 beers, it was time to test. I walked to the edge of the pier and slowly let loose. It worked like a charm. The evening was infinitely more pleasant without having to walk up and down the pier all night.

Gratefully Yours,

6.] I used the stadium pal at the March 2002 NASCAR race in Bristol TN. I can tell you it works great. Both my buddies had to leave the race to relieve themselves, but I was able to watch the whole race. I also found out just how secure the catheter is. I mistakenly put the strap for the leg bag over the connecting tube, effectively pinching it closed. Thankfully I tested it in the privacy of a restroom. When I started to urinate the urine backed up into the catheter and blew it up like a water balloon!! As soon as I undid the leg strap everything drained into the bag, and then I repositioned the strap behind the tube. Anyway, the point is, the catheter didn’t leak a drop and then worked perfectly the rest of the day. This thing works, it doesn’t leak, is comfortable, and it is great to stay in your seat and enjoy the event you paid to see.

Sittin’ Pretty,
Jack B.