— Dana

Have you ever passed by the same location so many times, that after a while you don’t even notice the landscape…Unless it changes?

I have.

For the past 2 years, I have driven the same path to work…Garland to Hamilton, Hamilton to the Freeway, Freeway to Pines, Pines to Mirabeau Parkway…

During that drive, I usually see the same two guys walking down Pines…everyday. Day in and day out, they are always walking…having a nice chat with one another. As time went by, they began to blend into the landscape of my drive to work and after a while I stopped noticing them.

Until last month.

All of a sudden, these two men started wearing women’s clothing. Why on earth would any man want to carry a purse, wear nylons, high-heel shoes and a dress??? (I don’t even enjoy wearing them.) Not that I have any qualms with these two guys wearing women’s clothing, it just took me by surprise when I first saw them.

My surrounding changed…and in that moment, I realized I sort of like change. It makes me appreciate and take notice of the silly things that life has to offer.