Chattaroy Community Church (Logo)

— Dana

Here are the final Logo ideas for Chattaroy Community Church.

Logo 1: This logo is simple enough when you look at it…White church building and the green is for continued growth of the people that make up the church body.

Logo 2: Most people refer to the church as “CCC”…so I incorporated 3 “Cs” in the symbol and arranged them to emphasize the concept of people in “Community”…in a small group setting.

Logo 3: This logo incorporates the idea of “Community” again by using the “Ms” in the word Community to show people praying and communing with one another.

Logo 4 & 5: My thoughts for this final logo is that the church is by the Little Spokane River and Jesus is also called “The Living Water”…etc…so I incorporated the water (in the shape of a “C”) and the cross.