Mr. Curly

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— Dana

At work this morning, I had to use the bathroom. So, I stood up and walked into the male/female, one person bathroom down the hall. As I approached the toilet, I saw “Mr. Curly” looking back at me. Just one curly, black pubic hair sitting right there on the toilet seat. “Ahhhh…what do I do???”, I thought to myself.

The urge to go to the bathroom was getting increasingly stronger…and so I did what any normal human being would do…I started to blow on Mr. Curly and tried to get it off the seat. (Like I would touch it with my hands…sick). Mr. Curly soon fell on the floor and I went back to doing what I set out to accomplish. But as I sat there, I saw IT next to my foot and I started to think about Mr. Curly (this is what gets me into trouble all the time…when I start to think). “That came from someone…in this building…they have one less hair on their body than when they came into this bathroom. I wonder if they feel lighter now with out IT…or if they are even aware that they have parted with poor Mr. Curly?”

I’m just glad I didn’t accidentally meet that person (male or female) coming out of the bathroom when I was going in…then I would know who Mr. Curly came from…and I think that would freak me out even more.