The Redemptive Story (Repost)

What is the Bible about? Is there a single, unifying theme to the scriptures?

According to people who are way smarter than I, it is the story of the kingdom: God’s people, in God’s place, under God’s rule and blessing. Beginning Sunday, June 4th, we’ll be studying this redemptive story from Genesis to Revelation in about 12 weeks. while many people know bits and pieces of the bible – favorite stories, verses, psalms, etc. – few can actually articulate the story that it presents. The reality is that the Bible is not simply a collection of writings about God. It is rather a single work, from a variety of sources, that tells this story of the only true God working in his world to create a people that He can love and lead and who will display His glory.

Eugene Peterson says that the Bible does not give a series of propositions and tell us to believe, nor does it offer a moral code and say “act like this.” Rather, the scripture tells us a Story, the one and only true Story, and offers us an invitation to join: “live into this.”