Molding My Character

— Dana

I went to the fair last year and watched the process of how to make taffy. I was mesmerized for at least 10 mins. The process was never ending…pulling, stretching, expanding…all to make this amazing, desirable taffy. (Here is a website that has a taffy machine so you know what I am talking about

Later that week I was experiencing some “growing pains” in my Christian walk. I said “Lord, why me…why do I have to go through this…it’s not fair.” But a faint whisper said “Remember the Taffy Machine?” And I was like…”Yah, but what does that have to do with anything I am talking about right now? You are not listening to me. I am not talking Taffy, here Lord…I am talking about me…back to me…how did we get off of me.” (I tend to get a little demanding sometimes, but the Lord is still patient with me.) “Remember the Taffy Machine,” is what the Lord said again. So I stopped and said “Fine…have it your way…”

All of a sudden it dawned on me…the Lord had been pulling, stretching and expanding me into the woman He wants me to be through this situation. All to make me into this amazing, desirable person before Him. “Oh…Lord…you are amazing. I am sitting here complaining about how you are not listening to me, and all you are trying to do is remind me that you will use this situation to stretch me (like Taffy) and in the end I will become a beautiful creation that wants to be more like you, my Lord.”

A few days ago, I read this statement from a very close, insightful and inspirational friend…”God comes over to my house knocking on my door. He rings my doorbell three times. The first two times He rings the bell to get my attention. The third time He rings my bell because…well, my doorbell sounds cool! I go to the door and ask Christ to come in. I am so honored He has come to visit my humble home. I say “Master, please come in. Although I am not worthy to host you, please Lord, please come in to my humble home. Please come in and make my home a beautiful place by your presence. Please Lord, I am so unworthy, please restore me and come into my home. Please Lord, visit me for a while, and enlighten me by your presence.” (A perfect example of how I blather on) So, after a long time, I realize I am looking though my door to the outside and Christ is no longer there. He has been sitting my couch for an hour! I was missing valuable time with the Lord, all because I was too busy greeting him at the front door. I often forget that Christ enters into my heart the first time I ask! I don’t need to gravel at the front door, I need accept His grace, welcome Him into my home, and fellowship with Him right away!”

I have come to realize in my old age (well…old for me), that when I hang out with people for an extended period of time, I start to act like them. I begin to laugh, walk and think like them because of proximity and time. What I have been learning this week, is that I desire to commune with the God of the Universe everyday. I want to invite him into the living room of my heart and mind and fellowship with him right away, and not let him “sit on my couch for an hour” before I acknowledge His presence. I want to laugh like Jesus, walk like Christ and talk like my Savior because I am hanging out with him so much!!! Which means that Christ will create times in my life that I will need to be stretched like Taffy. When I am being stretched, it just shows me that I am becoming even more like my King and Lord. And in this I rejoice!!! Glory to God!!! You see, I have been a “Christian” for the past 10 years, but only in the last 4 years am I really taking the steps to hang out with Christ and learn what it means to be a Christian. He holds my hand and takes me on adventures that I am not willing to go by myself. I need His help…