New & Improved: Fresh-Scent Post

— Aaron

Why is it that we want our breath to be minty fresh, and yet our dishes and kitchens to be lemon fresh? And then we want our floors to smell pine-fresh, and our laundry to be some-crazy-scent-they-made-up-in-the-lab fresh? And then we want our bodies to smell fresh, yet no one agrees on the exact fresh scent they like, some just like soap, some like cologne or perfume, and some like baby-powder fresh.

If our breath was lemon-fresh, would that be so bad?

What if your person smelled pine-fresh, or lemony, would that be a problem? Would people assume you stink, because you smell like that?

If my laundry was minty, would that be an issue? Would you get strange looks from people who share the elevator with you? Would they say, after you got out, “That guy reeked of mint.” “I know, can you believe some people.” “Take a shower, mint-man!”