— Aaron

For those of you that read this blog, and actually know my wife and I, we just (on 7-10-2005) completed the Seattle-to-Portland bike race.

Ouch. We’re sore, but all-in-all in great shape for having just ridden 204 miles on our bikes. Others came away from that race with much more injury than we did. Some didn’t finish because of it.

As human beings, it astounds me how hard we can push ourselves. Not to say that I was pushing myself amazingly hard, but probably harder than ever before. Some people can push themselves until their achilles’ tendon breaks (we ran in to one such woman at one of the stops)!

Most other creatures don’t push themselves that hard. They will, of course push themselves to amazing lengths to survive, but Dana and I (and everyone else who rode) did this by choice, not for survival.

I think the choice is perhaps the most astounding thing about it. We have free will and can use it to push ourselves to the limits. We can also use it to do nothing at all. The sheer freedom we have is quite astounding. We can give in to our instincts, or we can fight them tooth and nail. We can follow God, or whomever we choose (usually ourselves). God has given us amazing freedom. I’m very thankful for it.