— Aaron

Were the smurfs vegetarian? It’s hard to imagine an all-berry-eating culture, a hunting smurf, or the creatures small enough to get hunted and eaten by a smurf. Although, Hefty Smurf seems like he might have made a decent hunter.

Of course, they do seem to be obsessed with smurfberries. But then, if I only ate one type of food, and the only responsibilities I had were keeping my mushroom house repaired, avoiding Gargamel, and gathering smurfberries, I suppose smurfberries might occupy quite a bit of my daily thought.

But, if they’re eating only berries, shouldn’t they constantly have horrible, horrible diarrhea?


One thought on “Smurfberries

  1. Okay…I had to respond to this thought. The last three thoughts have been on fruit…are you trying to tell me something? What kind of a wife doesn’t let her husband eat fruit…

    And yes, I think those smurfs have a fruit fedish as well…

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