Good Evening?

— Aaron

When exactly is it nighttime, and no longer evening?

I know that it changes from morning to afternoon, magically, in the twinkle of an eye, at 12:00 noon. And it does something similar, but from night to morning, at 12:00 midnight.

Why is it called midnight, when right after it’s night, it’s morning? How is that the middle of the night, when one second later, it’s no longer night, but morning?

And just when does it change from being afternoon to evening?


One thought on “Good Evening?

  1. I don’t think that “evening” can be pinned down by any one time because it is personalized by each individual. The first time a person looks at their watch wondering how close bedtime is…it has become evening for him/her. For graveyard-shift working underbelly of the planet, concepts such as “morning” or “night,” or even “today” and “tomorrow” can be just as difficult to seperate. The disappearance of the 9-5 workday is making the standard labels of our 24 hour day more and more mercurial.

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