Baby Names (2016)

— Dana

Apparently, the only time I post something to our blog is when I want to remember a list of baby names we made (and want to reference later). After compiling a list and throwing it all out three times, I think this one is the closest to what everyone wants. We will find out the gender in a few weeks, so I figured I would post this here for future reference. May I present our names for baby #3…

Simon Aaron Insightful (God has heard/mountain of strength) Ranked #213
Griffin Aaron Insightful (strength) Ranked #241
Finley Aaron Insightful (hero) Ranked #283
Flynn Aaron Insightful (descendant of the red-haired man) Ranked #692
Milo Aaron Insightful (merciful) Ranked #245
Graham Aaron Insightful (home) Ranked #199

Alternate Middle Names: wonderful, truthful, thankful, merciful, hopeful…


Penny Lane Joyful (valued/narrow road) Ranked #324
Esme Rose Joyful (loved/delicate flower) Ranked #702
Millie Mae Joyful (strength/growth) Ranked #332
Lizzie Lynn Joyful (God is my oath/refreshed) Ranked #1000+
Jolie Alice Joyful (pretty/kind) Ranked #738

Alternate Middle Names: faithful, graceful, peaceful…


Baby Names (2014)

— Dana

Since I’m half way done with my pregnancy, I figured I would post our top 5 baby names (for both girls and boys). We find out the gender at the end of March!!!


  • Ruby Louise Faithful Kangas
    (Ruby Meaning: “Red Precious Stone”, “A Jewel, behold a gem”) (Louise Meaning: “Renowned Warrior”)
  • Ayda Lynn Joyful Kangas
    (Ayda Meaning: “Reward”, “Gift”, “Helper”, “Joyful”) (Lynn Meaning: “Pretty”)
  • Greta Rose Graceful Kangas
    (Greta Meaning (Form of Margaret): “Child of Light”, “Pearl”) (Rose Meaning: “Flower”, “Fame”)
  • Margo Louise Graceful Kangas
    (Margo Meaning (Form of Margaret): “Child of Light”, “Pearl”)
  • Adelade Rose Delightful Kangas
    (Adelade Meaning: “King”, “Noble”)


  • Arthur Aaron Danger Kangas
    (Arthur Meaning: “Noble”, “Courageous”, “Strength”) (Aaron Meaning: “Mountain of Strength”)
  • Milo Aaron Merciful Kangas
    (Milo Meaning: “Merciful”, “Gracious”)
  • Simon Aaron Tenacious Kangas
    (Simon Meaning: “He Has Heard”)
  • Soren Aaron Fearless Kangas
    (Soren Meaning: “Stern”, “Thunder”, “Reddish Brown Haired Warrior”)
  • Finley Aaron Adventurous Kangas
    (Finley Meaning: “Fair-haired Warrior”, “Hero”)

Our Life in Photos (June 2012)






Tea & Toes Date





10th Anniversary Celebration – Hood River, Oregon












IMG_5398 IMG_5403





NCM Concert Extravanganza – Seether, Bush, and Nickelback










Naomi. Stuck in a tree.



$100 Fudge

Title: $100 Fudge

Servings: 2 dozen
Category: Dessert

1 Bag Butterscotch Chips
1 Bag Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips
1/2 Bag Mini Marshmallows
1/2 Jar of Chunky Peanut Butter (or Creamy PB & Chopped Peanuts)

Combine butterscotch chips and chocolate chips in a glass bowl. Place in the microwave for 1 minute and stir. Repeat until the ingredients are melted (but not too hot or runny). Add peanut butter and stir until throughly combined. Fold in marshmallows until evenly distributed. Line a 9×9 glass pan with wax paper (or grease the baking pan instead). Pour ingredients into the glass pan and place it in the refrigerator until it has set-up (approximately 1 hour). Cut into desired pieces and enjoy.

We went to an auction at our church to help raise money for a group of people that were going on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic. The point of the auction was to sell baked good at the highest possible price. Once we looked over all the delicious treats, we decided to buy the plate of towering fudge. My husband and I pooled our extra money together to ensure that that item was ours. We got into a bidding war with our friends, and the price was getting higher and higher by the second. $10…$20…$40…$70… In a desperate moment, I yelled, “ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS.” A hush fell over the crowd and the pastor (who was playing the roll of the auctioneer) looked at me and said, “Are you sure?” I nodded yes and before we could change our mind he said, “SOLD”. We were now the proud owners of our precious fudge. Once we sampled it for the first time, we wanted to know how this mind-blowing, life-changing delicacy was created. After frantically asking everyone at the auction, we were informed that the confectionary wizard had left the building and was moving out of town that week. NNNNNNNOOOOOOO!!!!!

(6 months later) We were at a friend’s Easter brunch and another guest introduced herself as we arrived. Instantly, we recognized her name and connected it to the maker of the mystery fudge. The auction story was recounted, and we begged her for the recipe. She laughed at our excitement and said, “It has four ingredients: butterscotch chips, chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, and peanut butter.” Blank stares appeared across our face when we realized how simple this recipe was (and how much money we spent on it at the auction). For years, we kept this recipe under lock and key…telling only the legendary story of how the fudge was named.

Aaron, Dana & Naomi Kangas
Pre-K (4 year olds – Mrs Leland’s Class)
Southside Christian School Recipe Book


Kangas Quotes (October)

Naomi: “Bath time is my favorite time of year.”


Naomi: “Is Jerry here?”
Dana: “No.”
Naomi: “Oh, that’s good. Because I want to take off my pants and get nakie.”


Naomi: “Can I have bubbles in my bath?”
Dana: “Sure.”
Naomi: “If you don’t do it, I’ll have to show my fanny in your general direction.”


Naomi: Have fun cleaning poop!!!” (What she said to us when we were tucking her in at night when the sewer overflowed in our basement.


Naomi: “My vagina smells horrible. I need to take a bath.”


Naomi: “This ‘Air Head’ is making my cheek vibrate.”


Naomi: “Never ever dever.” (She says this a lot.)


Naomi: “Let’s go play gollyball.”


Naomi: “I don’t like being poisoned. That’s why I’m trying to stay alive.”


Naomi: “Daddy, I have a splendid idea.”


Naomi: “My grilled cheese sandwich looks like a human. Like one bending over with their fanny up.”


Dana: “Everyone needs spankins. It’s what make the world go round.”
Naomi: “Mom, Jesus didn’t make you to be a super spanker. He created you for love.”


Naomi: “You pretend to be the mom and I’ll pretend to be the kid.”
Dana: “Okay, I can do this.”


Jerry: “If you could be one age for the rest of your life, what age would that be?”
Naomi: “A grown-up.”


Naomi: “Can we go to The Rocket Bakery and get a cinnamon roll?”
Dana: “No. I can’t eat it and I don’t want you to eat one all by yourself today.”
Naomi: “I need to go on a gluten date with dad. On that involves a giant cinnamon roll.”


(A note to Aaron…from Naomi…while he was in Seattle on a business trip.) “Dear Dad, I love you. You’re such a great dad. I want the iPod. I love you. Love, Naomi.”


Naomi has spanish class at school. The spanish teacher taught her the word “la cabesa” (head) a few weeks ago. She likes to repeat it over and over in a growly voice. Last week, Naomi’s school called to say she hit her head on the cement during recess and that I needed to come see it right away. When I arrived, I asked Naomi to tell me where it hurt. She looked at me and said (in her best growly voice), “LA CABESA.” I told the teacher she was fine and could go back to school. Of course, Naomi protested and said she wanted to go home. I told her she would have to stay in bed and rest all day. (She thought she could just play on the computer and watch TV.) She asked if she could go back to school instead…because her “la cabesa” was feeling better all of a sudden.


Naomi is always coming up with games and rules. This one is my current favorite:
“Mom, you are a dog and I’m allergic to dogs. You have to try and touch me, and then I will sneeze. Got it? Let’s play!!!”


I was grocery shopping in Walmart. Naturally, I wanted to get in and out of there as quickly as possible. Naomi was not excited about this particular shopping trip, so she was sulking in the big part of the cart. She started messing with the items in the cart. Somehow, a bottle of dish soap was knocked upside down and started to slowly spill on the floor. To my horror, we had a steady stream of soap following us down four aisles. When I went to the check-out, the lady noticed that most of the bottle was empty and asked if she could get a replacement. Naomi piped up and said, “I used the missing half to clean this place up.”


Kangas Quotes (September)

Naomi: “Mom, it made me so cross.” (This is what she says every time she’s frustrated or mad. It’s the cutest thing to hear a 4 year old say old fashioned words like that.)


In an effort to cheer me up, she will say things like… “Yes Ma’am”, “Okay Boss”, and “Your Majesty”…when I ask her to do something. It makes me smile every time.


Naomi: “They were saying bomb, but I didn’t because I’m a lady.”


Naomi: “I caught a snake. I think I will name him Satan.”


Whenever I say “because” to her questions, she will look at me and say in response, “You don’t have an answer for that. Do ya?” Lately, when I ask her a question, she will say “because” and then giggle…and then say, “I don’t have an answer for that.”


Naomi calls bed lines “stains”. Also, when she wants to wrestle she will say, “Let’s battle.”


Naomi now notices that words sound the same and have different meanings. Things like “in tents” and “intense”…”under where” and “underwear”…”ketchup” and “catch up”. She will often point them out and laugh.


Jerry: “Do you know karate?”
Naomi: (Walks over to Jerry and kicks him in the leg.)


Naomi: “Mom, pee doesn’t taste very good.”
Dana: “Well…how on earth do you know that?”
Naomi: “I dipped my finger in and tried it today.”


Dana: “Aaron, you should come out here and look at this. Pumpkin is sleeping in the middle of Naomi’s mess.”
Naomi: “Which one? The downstairs mess or the upstairs one?”
Dana: “The fact that you have to ask that means we should stop what we’re doing and clean up all the messes.”
Naomi: “Ah man…”


Naomi keeps having this reoccurring nightmare where spiky poop germs capture Curious George and The Man in the Yellow Hat. I can’t help but laugh whenever she tells me about it.


Naomi: (Running up the stairs from the basement crying) “I want to be a ‘Fit Kid’.”
Dana: “That’s fine, kiddo. You can be a ‘Fit Kid’. Why on earth are you crying about it?”
Naomi: “They said I had to drink skim milk.” (She then bursts out into wailing and more tears.) “And I don’t like skim milk. I want whole milk.”


I should take a video of this, but Naomi is so cute when she does “Sit and Be Fit”.


Every time Naomi tries on new clothes, she will do this little shimmy dance and say, “One Two Cha Cha Cha” to make sure it properly fits her.


Naomi: “My brain gets all mixed up when it’s cold.”


Aa – Bento Lunch

— Dana

In an attempt to feel better about myself as a wife and mother, I decided to embrace my inner lunch creativity. Every evening, I have to make lunch for both Aaron and Naomi (since they are no longer dinning with me in the afternoons during the week). During a desperate internet search I stumbled upon “Bento” lunches. They are amazing works of art, really. With my internet inspiration in mind, I grabbed tupperware, baggies and cookie cutters. Then, I opened my cupboards and refrigerator to see what sort of art I could create in a short amount of time this evening. I decided to embark on the alphabet theme for a while. (Below is my first bento attempt.) It, most likely, won’t appear in a museum or Martha Stewart’s “Everyday” magazine. However, I do know my family will appreciate my (little) effort and will know that I was thinking about them (I also slipped in a little note for each of them, just incase they didn’t like what I made for lunch). I’m hoping this will be a fun activity and not a burden (I guess I should only do it if it brings me joy…and not as a “have to”.)

Airplane (sandwich)
Apple (with carmel and peanut butter dip)
American Cheese

Could also do…
“A” shaped cookies/crackers